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Customer Service and
is a primary focus

We provide clients with a professional and
experience that approaches home inspection in a
fun, friendly, and memorable way.

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Which services are right for

your inspection?


We provide an extensive (and fun!) array of exciting home inspection services.  

Please feel free to reach out to Adam or the office

directlyWe are always happy to answer any questions.  :)

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Standard Home Inspection




This process is an educational tour of your home.  This involves an extensive multi-point evaluation of the home's interior components and exterior envelope.

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Radon Monitoring




Knowing radon levels is a great and safety-conscious

way to get to know your home.

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Wood Destroying Insect Inspection




Termites can damage your lovely home.  Let's find them or any past associated damage!

Sewer Line Inspection

(It''s a Stinking Good Time!)



It's slightly gross, but don't you want to make sure everything you flush leaves your home properly?  Our sewer line inspection will provide a video of the interior waste line and confirm its operational status. 

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Air Quality/Mold Inspection

(Fungus Among us!)



Mold and other air-born particles can cause health issues and damage to your home.  This type of inspection can give you an understanding of what air-born particles are floating around your home. 

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Lead Inspection

(It''s Heavy Man!)



Properties that were built prior to 1978 most likely have lead paint. Lead-based paint testing is recommended for all properties built prior to 1978.


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I love all things building and have always enjoyed teaching. This combination drove me toward my current vocation as a home inspector.  I started my career as an owner/operator of a custom high-end furniture and interiors company, specializing in bar and restaurant interiors.  I then went on to work in construction and construction logistic management before finding my calling as a home inspector. I am invested in my clients’ educations. I strive to provide excellent customer service and look forward to helping them learn the ins and outs of their new homes.  

In my free time I design-fabricate leather and furniture goods. 

Please take a look at some of my projects!

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